123MOVIES 2021

Best 123 Movies website - watch free movies & tv-shows online.

123Movies is one such online movie streaming website that lives with and thrives on contradiction. Even though it is labeled illegal in most countries and is known to infringe on movie copyrights, people are attracted to it like moths to a flame. What is the reason behind it?

Let us see all the factors that make it so beloved.

Minimal Requirements

The fundamental and only requirements to access and watch a movie on 123Movies include:

  • A stable and continuous internet connection
  • A compatible device software or hardware system that would support the website

Free Streaming

123Movies allows users and viewers to stream and watch all its movies for free. There are no added charges or hidden costs associated with the website. This fact makes it suitable for anyone and everyone to access and use it.

Protection of Personal Information

Unlike most streaming websites, 123Movies does not require users to login in and input their personal data. As such, it protects and safeguards the viewers’ data. It minimizes and eliminates the chances and possibility of any unwarranted issue arising.

Easy Handling and Operation

123Movies and its associated websites have an exceedingly smooth and user-friendly interface. It allows the viewers to access and operate the site effortlessly. Additionally, the website restricts all kinds of advertisements and pop-ups, ensuring an uninterrupted streaming experience.

High-Definition (HD) Quality

All movies available on 123Movies are of superior quality and in HD. This feature has drawn in flocks of people globally who wish to enjoy films of the best standard.

Nevertheless, if one wants to download the movies, 123Movies permits them to adjust the pixel size and set it according to their needs. They range from 144p, 240p, 360p, 480p and 720p to 1080p.

Variety of Content on 123Movies

The foremost and probably, the utmost advantage of 123Movies lies in the fact that it has a colossal number of movies originating from varied sources regions and having diverse languages, genres, and storylines.

123Movies offers films from Hollywood and Bollywood. Additionally, other available movies on the website have Japanese, Chinese, French, Italian, and many more such countries’ origins. They also cover almost all genres present in the entertainment industry.

Streaming from Comfort Zone

Every individual likes to be comfortable when watching a movie. The best comfort space available to them is their home.

Thus, 123Movies allows its users to watch a movie at the coziness of their homes with additional snacks, pillows, and company. It lets the viewers be as relaxed as possible in the pajamas and enjoy a good watch.


Being an online streaming service, 123Movies is available to any individual, in any place and at any time. Since the only requirements are a stable internet connection and a suitable device, a viewer can access the website and watch a movie from and at any location, be it on the train or in the office.

Segregation of Content

123Movies, like most other online movie streaming websites, allows its users to filter the content and films on a specific basis.

Setting Changes

Distinct viewers prefer watching movies with different settings of playback speed, caption size, and brightness. While some may favor the use of subtitles, others may not.

For this very reason, 123Movies allows its users to make changes to the movie settings according to their needs and requirements.